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Hi. I'm Yowei. As in NO way with a Y. I'm a podcast journalist, host, producer, writer, and editor, who's been called a "podcast swiss army knife" because apparently, I can do it all           . 

I spent many years at NPR’s Invisibilia  (RIP 😢) - first as a producer, then a senior reporter/producer, and finally as host/editorial lead - which is probably why I love reporting on feelings the mysteries of human behavior and all things feelings. 


My work has also been featured in places like This American Life and Pop Up Magazine, and honored with numerous awards, including a Third Coast Documentary Award, a National Press Club Journalism Award, and a United States Artists fellowship. I got my start in audio teaching youth radio when I was a youth myself. And once upon a time, I made really good elevator music in Chinatown, Philadelphia and freaked a bunch of people out.

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and my new newsletter The Yowei Shaw Show. Always open for story tips and praise, so say hi at

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